The professional world is extremely competitive, and one must have a distinct edge to ace their respective fields. Out of the many careers, construction stands amongst the most preferred, with many aspiring individuals signing up to take it up as their full-time profession. Though all professions have their own challenges, construction has its own which needs to be tackled directly, and that is only possible under the mentorship of an expert who is well versed with the workings of the industry.


Anne Okafor is one name which shines bright in the construction space, having mentored many individuals to prepare themselves and ace in this industry. She conducts various workshops and a mentorship program which prepares aspiring individuals trying to set foot in the construction industry. The mentorship program, prepares them by enhancing their knowledge and improve their confidence levels to face the challenges that the construction industry presents. There are various activities that are conducted under her mentorship program which include building a professional CV, group discussions, interview skills, choosing the right path and networking with like-minded individuals which helps with enhancing their career prospects to a great extent.

The construction industry offers a plethora of opportunities for those who want to make a career out of it, but getting the right break involves going through proper channels which help you in choosing the right path. Anne chalks out a proper mentorship program which helps those opting to train under it gain in-depth knowledge and guides them through a proper step-by-step plan for individuals ranging from construction, STEM students, graduates, and aspiring individuals who are interested in taking up construction as a serious career.

What Our Clients Say

Anne Helped me to learn more about the construction industry in UK. When I worked as a field engineer in one of the construction companies in Turkey, I had a very tough time managing people on construction sites, Anne gave me advice and tips on how to manage people on construction site, and she motivated me to be better field engineer. I used her advice and tips on construction site and it works. All my team members were so happy to work with me. Glad to meet you, Anne, I would like to keep in touch.


I studied at the same time as Anne and during this time this time Anne very helpful, supportive and it was always a pleasure to have her in the group. English is not my first language, and when I didn’t understand something, I always asked Anne, she is always there to help, guide and advise on how to approach a subject, which helped me to have better understanding. 

We kept in touch after University ended. When I lost my job just before the pandemic, which was hard for me, Anne contacted me regularly and asked how I am doing, informed me about any opportunities available and helped me to put my CV forward. She always been positive and encouraging – looking forward has helped me to be confident person. I am really lucky to meet someone like Anne, she is an amazing mentor.


Anne is a good mentor. She is motivated and energized, cares about developing others, and is willing to commit her time to help whenever she is called upon. I am thankful for all she does, she is highly appreciated.