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Out of the many industries, construction has indicated exponential growth over the past few decades and if you’re interested in pursuing a career in this field, there are vast opportunities for you to thrive provided you have a properly chalked out plan. For construction and STEM students, graduates, and industry newbies, just knowing how to, is not enough, as there’s a lot that goes into the making of a fine professional and this is all achievable by working with a construction career mentor, who can help you be the best version of you, and who better than me who help you achieve this glorious position.



Starting off in construction and STEM disciplines can seem like an impossible task, but not anymore with me taking charge and helping you out with the best possible ways to attain success. Getting an industry veteran of my calibre to back you brings along loads of benefits, what with my years of experience and being in the space and knowing it in and out.
To stay on top you need to take every possible step that gives you an edge over competition and I makes sure you get the essential tips, motivation, and the right kind of support, without which It’s impossible to take giant strides and be ahead. I have experience in supporting many people to realize they can succeed, with construction and STEM being her forte. Having spent years in the construction industry, I have plenty of experience and insights to share. So, if you want your construction career to reach the next level, I am the right choice – I will stand with you and show you how to make it happen.

Some of the important tasks that ease up on me taking the charge are as follows:

Mentoring:  Anne helps in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and find out ways which can help in improving upon your weaknesses and harness your strengths to make the best use of them in the right manner. According to Anne, you have the potential to do a lot, it only needs the right push to get it across.


• Reviewing your CV: After undertaking a comprehensive review of your CV, Anne will provide vital feedback which are important and shows scope for improvement. There’s a lot of information that candidates fail to include while presenting themselves professionally, this is the subject Anne focuses upon and helps you present yourself as a great candidate who is perfect to the “T”.

Career advice: Whether it’s preparing for an interview or changing career tracks or thinking about future studies, Anne has a solution for all, as she presents you with all the relevant resources that are needed to guide and support you in your journey. Her constant guidance and motivation is potent enough to give prefect desired results in no time.

Community: Networking with the right people can help in taking giant strides in your career, and Anne shows you exactly how to do that. Her community, ‘The Determinator Collective’, has many like-minded people who share the same thoughts as you. This provides an opportunity for determined people to get together and progress towards their goals. Her podcast ‘The Everyday Determinator’ features stories from guests from across the globe, who have overcome the gravest of challenges and built themselves successful lives. These people represent themselves as perfect role models representing different jobs across STEM who have built environment disciplines and practical advice and tips on how to bring out the best version of you by implementing time management, self-care, resilience, confidence and self-promotion.

Ready to start making a change?