In this extremely competitive environment, having technical skills is not enough to ace in any field as a lot more goes into making that perfect career, especially in the construction industry. Anne Okafor helps aspiring individuals who want to make a mark in the construction space by conducting knowledge enhancing workshops which prepare them to face the real world. The interactive workshop includes building your professional resume, group discussions, interviewing skills, choosing the right path and networking with like-minded individuals having the same goals as yours. It’s a known fact that the construction industry has shown exponential growth..

since the past many years, opening up a plethora of opportunities for people who are interested to pursue a career in this space. But getting the right break and walking the correct path is not as easy as it seems and requires expert guidance of experienced and highly knowledgeable persons like Anne who are well versed in chalking out an appropriate plan which helps in reaching out to your goals without much hassles. A proper step-by-step plan for construction, STEM students, graduates, and aspiring individuals is included in this workshop which gives insights on how to tread the path towards a successful construction career seamlessly.

Anne’s years of experience in the field of construction has her teaching you the nitty-gritty’s of the business to its core, helping you grasp the subject strongly. What Anne does is help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on them for maximum career gains. She strongly believes that everyone has an inbuilt potential which needs to be ignited the right way, and that’s what she does, by hitting it right where it gives results. Her mentoring skills have taken many who have trained under her to the next level. “Creating an on to the point CV works positively, and it has been observed that many candidates miss out on some vital points which can push them a step ahead in their bid to find a strong foothold in the construction industry. Correcting these common mistakes is also a part of the mentoring program that they undertake under me,” explains Anne. She holds distinct workshops which are designed to help one’s career, some of which are mentioned below-

My Skills, My Life Workshop:

Anne holds this workshop on behalf of the WISE Campaign. The workshop is designed to target girls aged between11-19 who aim for a career in STEM. The program is designed to help them identify their personality type with those who have had a distinguished career in STEM. With an online platform having over 1000 role model case studies and information of companies who are looking out for the right candidates, participants have enough to take the right career decision. To know more about the workshop, one can visit wisecampaign.

I am Remarkable Workshop:

This initiative empowers women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond professional life. It's a 90-minute workshop which is designed to improve self-promotion motivation and skills.

The BounceBack project:

This project is about promoting health through happiness and teaching people to be resilient. The workshop focuses on seven important key areas which include resilience, purpose, gratitude, mindfulness & self-care, social care, random acts of kindness, 3 good things.

Anne Offers different STEM activities and activities for communities groups – she is adding to her toolbox all the time to increase the types of workshops she offers as a STEM Ambassador – Get in touch or follow the social pages to find out more!

To know more about her workshops and career development programs, get in touch with Anne on LinkedIn